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FTC 2019


FTC 2019



On this page you will find a few important things for camp: What to bring, Dance and Fun Night information, and directions to camp. Camp Geneva is in Fruitland Park, Florida, NOT Orlando. Find link below for directions to camp.


Camp will be June 16th - 22nd, 2019

Arrival & Departure Information

Registration/ Sign In opens at 3pm on Sunday, June 16th. Campers and their families will not be allowed to Register/ Sign in until 3pm. Please plan to arrive at Camp Geneva accordingly. Registration/ Sign in continues until 5pm. If your unable to make it during normal registration hours, please call or email prior to 6/12/2019 to make those arrangements. You may call our office at 407-823-7370 or email to Directions and address to Camp Geneva is located at bottom of this page. 

Sign Out & Pick Up of Campers begins Saturday, June 22nd at 10am and continues until 1pm.. There is a closing ceremony that parents and families are welcome to watch and enjoy from 11am until 12pm. Each Camper must be signed out and given a ticket to show the security guard at the gate in order to leave the property.  

What to bring to Camp

  1. Bible (Not Digital), notebook, songbook

  2. Pillow, sleeping bag, or blankets

  3. 4 towels, washcloth

  4. Sandals for shower

  5. Toiletries

  6. Flashlight with batteries

  7. Enough clothes for a week (Modest: Girls: no spaghetti strap shirts, strapless shirts, short shorts, or tight fitting clothing, this includes no leggings, etc. Boys: no sleeveless shirts at meal time.)

    1. Shorts, jeans & t-shirts

    2. Attire for dance - See Below for Ideas

    3. Clothes for tug of war you don't mind getting stained

  8. Bathing suit (one piece or modest tankini for women)

  9. Sunscreen

  10. Insect Repellent

  11. Rain Gear

  12. Money for Concessions

  13. Camera (optional)

  14. Personal medications (Check in w/nurse)

  15. Tennis shoes (closed-toed shoes)

  16. Water Gun (Optional) - (For Water Wars, so you really want to bring one!)

  17. Water Balloons (Optional) - (For Water Wars)

  18. Drawstring Backpack or Small Backpack


Prepare yourself for a water war of epic proportion. Campers will take up arms against their dreaded enemy, the staff, and make a name for themselves and their team in glorious, wet battle. 

What you need to know! 

Choose your weapon- waterguns, water balloons, slings, catapults, whatever inflicts ultiamate soakage

Time & place: Friday, During Free Time

Your destiny awaits on the battlefield!

**Make sure your bags or suitcases have identification tags on them.

At Teen camp we are all about the WORSHIP!! WE have an incredible team headed up by Marshall Mead and Brandon Parish. Take a look at our worship set list so you can be familiar with the songs.



Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Lords and Ladies, Fairies and Fawns, Knights and Magical Creatures of the Realm. We shall partake in a merry dance amidst our godly QUEST. Your fantasy flair is welcome here. Please join us in your Renaissance best!

(See Pics in Gallery for ideas)


The Darkest Minds - PG13

When teens mysteriously develop powerful new abilities, they are declared a threat by the government and detained. One of the most powerful young people, Ruby, escapes from her camp and joins a group of runaways who are seeking a safe haven. Betrayed by the adults in power, this newfound family soon realizes that running is not enough -- they must use their collective powers to wage a resistance and take back their future.

Thursday Night Variety Show - Talent Showcase


“Each person is given something to do that shows who God is: Everyone gets in on it, everyone benefits. All kinds of things are handed out by the Spirit…” 1 Cor. 12:7 (MSG)

Audition for the Teen Camp Talent Show!

For this year’s talent show, we are asking that anyone who would like to participate submit their audition by uploading a video of their act to YouTube for consideration.

Audition guidelines

  • Should be between 3-5 minutes

  • Please make sure your piece is appropriate

  • Your audition must be exactly what will you will present on stage the night of the talent show. A change in your act after auditions will not be accepted and if you have extra props or a costume you must audition with them.

  • Any group auditions should have the entire group present in the video

  • Examples of talent could include singing, poetry/spoken word, dance, sketch comedy/stand-up, dramatic monologue, martial arts demonstration, etc. Basically, if you can showcase your talent, we want to see it.

Simply record your act on an iphone or a similar recording device and upload it to YouTube. The recording does not have to be high quality but should accurately represent your act. Select “Unlisted” as the upload option and you will be given a link to view it. After your audition has been uploaded, email your audition to with the subject line “Teen Camp Talent Audition- [YOUR FULL NAME]” and copy the link in the body of the email. The deadline for submissions is June 10th.

If selected, you will be notified via email and given further instructions.

Under any circumstance, if you are UNABLE TO RECORD your audition, you may email us at and request an appointment to audition live. Please type “Appointment Request” in the subject line. We will be holding live auditions at camp on Tuesday at 1:30pm. YOU MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO ATTEND THESE AUDITIONS.

If you have any questions, they can be emailed to

Additional Info - 

Each Year the Teens are able to purchase concession cards that allow them to buy candy, snacks and sodas during camp and not have to worry about carrying (or losing) cash. They are sold in $10 increments. This year the teens may also purchase assorted ceramic figurines and other more pre-made crafts that only require decorating. There are crafts available that we provide at no charge that the teens can also make to take home.


Directions to Camp Geneva - Address is 36540 Vía Marcia, Fruitland Park, FL 34731

Click for Directions